Your jewellery need your love and care to stay shiny and fresh. Unfortunately we can not prevent certain exposures to our sweat, air pollution and dust, which affect the brightness of the metal and/or the stones. We can, however, do these little things below:

  • Strictly avoid to use perfume, hair spray, body lotion and chemical- cleaning products etc. when you wear them.

  • We suggest to remove them before you dive into the sea or swimming pool, as it is possible to be blurry after the dive.

  • It is safer to keep your jewellery in their boxes separately, to avoid scratches, especially if you have a piece with precious/semi precious stones.

    • Regarding the plated pieces, there is nothing you can do to completely avoid the fading of the colour. You can prolong their brightness and shiny color by applying the above tips. You can also bring it back to us to refresh it!

      Pearls (like amber, coral, ivory) are living organisms. That means they are extremely sensitive in perfumes, cleaning products and other chemicals. It is better to not keep them for a long time in a closed place or in a warm environment, as their consistency might lose their shine or dehydrate.