We don’t believe in describing our work in fancy words, so we won’t. SMARO is that piece of jewellery that felt yours the moment you saw it. No matter what your story, your line of work or your gender is, we want our jewellery to make you feel happy and dynamic.

Whether it will be yours or a gift, we hope it will act as the missing piece from your outfit. Inspiration comes in different forms and shapes, from Mother Earth to dreams to instant highlights of the moment. Our lines come together in a marriage of abstract and geometry. We stand by the freedom of simplicity, and we hope you will enjoy our jewellery as much as we do while creating them.


Founded in Thessaloniki, Greece, by two sisters, SMARO stands for bold designs and bold people. We love the different and we value the classic. We want to create jewellery that fits into your multidimensional life. You run all day and we want to run with you, become a part of your life.



From a young age I wanted to create and to make new things with my hands. I spent a big part of my life wandering around nature, traveling to new places, observing different cultures. When I was introduced to the craftsmanship of jewellery and I knew this was it. I knew I had found my true calling. It felt like new doors opened up for me, ready to be explored. Anything could be a potential inspiration trigger; from something as big as the architecture of a building, or the habits of a country, to much smaller things like a a movie, a painting or even small everyday moments. I found a new way to express my inspiration through creating jewellery.

I feel very lucky and I am so grateful to share with you a piece of my soul, my dreams and my point of view in the form of a jewellery. I hope a bit of our magic will accompany you while wearing your jewellery!